Ridge Road, Tiburon

Wade is one of a rare breed of architect. Not only does he have the uncanny ability to visualize and articulate compelling designs, he has that elusive ability to make all the pieces work together. His plans are thorough and detailed, which makes building from them a pleasure. As General Contractors, we are especially grateful that was is a team player. He is always willing to work with us to make sure the design takes shape in such a way as to deliver the best, most durable results for the homeowner. An objective arbiter, Wade makes certain that the homeowner and the contractor are treated fairly. Smart, skilled, responsive, approachable, and fair; we couldn’t ask for a better architect.

2215 Tenth Street #1
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 845-3130
Skeels Design Architecture

We believe in architecture that gracefully withstands the test of time. We promote sustainability and will continue to employ efficiency, natural materials and systems wherever possible.